Why is Waterproofing Important

Aug 21, 2017

In today’s harsh, polluted environment and due to the extreme emphasis we put on economy and speed in construction practices, the durability of concrete is severely affected. Because of this and also due to construction and material problems, structures both above and below the ground are vulnerable to waterproofing problems. Dampness entering the interior of

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Bitumat Company Limited, Saudi Arabia

(Dealing Since 1994 for Construction Chemicals)

Bitumat was founded in 1984 and equipped with the state-of-the art experimental apparatuses. Manufacturing facilities are sprawled over an area of over 100,000 M2 & it cradles as one of the best equipped and manned laboratories & roofing academy in waterproofing world.

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Chin Wah (Paints) Pte Ltd, Singapore

(Dealing Since 2005 for Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials)

Chin Wah (Paints) Pte Ltd, established in 1970, prides themselves as one of the Dynamic and Leading Paint Manufacturers and Exporters in Singapore, specializing in a wide range of products including Road Marking Materials and related products.

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Bekaert, India

(Dealing since 2010 for Steel Fiber Reinforcement)

Bekaert is a Global Technological and Market Leader in advanced solutions based on metal transformation and coatings, and the World’s Largest independent Manufacturer of Drawn Steel Wire Products. Dramix® steel fibers, used to reinforce over five million cubic meters of concrete every year. 

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TenCate Geosynthetics Sdn Bhd, Malyasia

(Dealing Since 2002 for Geosynthetics)

Since the establishment of TenCate more than 300 years ago, company has grown and acquired many businesses. TenCate produces ‘materials that make a difference’. TenCate develops and manufactures Advanced Materials that are used for Civil Engineering Projects.

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Xypex Chemicals Corporation, Canada

(Dealing Since1983 for Crystalline Waterproofing Materials)

More than 30 years, proprietary Xypex Crystalline Technology has set an international standard of excellence in concrete waterproofing. Backed by a distribution and service network in more than seventy countries. Xypex products portfolio includes Coatings, Dryshake, Additives and Accessories, etc.

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Link Middle East Limited, U.A.E

(Dealing Since 1994 for Woven Mesh Gabions and Guard Rails)

Link Middle East Ltd, a Dynamic Company involved in Engineering Solutions for various Civil, Infrastructure and Security products for over 20 years. Core products range from manufacturing of steel wire products to Structural Fabrication.

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BASF Construction Chemicals, Asia Pacific

(Dealing Since 1983 for All Construction Chemicals)

BASF Construction Chemicals Asia Pacific, headquartered in Shanghai, is the Leading Supplier of Chemical Systems and Formulations in the Construction Industry. The Construction Chemicals Division operates production sites and distribution centers in more than 50 countries.

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Mapei International

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